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With TOYO sanitaryware products, you will be able to transform your bathroom into a creative space. All our products are curated to meet the aesthetic and functional standards of today’s modern bathrooms.

In our extensive line of products, you will find everything you need for your bathroom ranging from water closets to wash basins.

TOYO is changing the sanitaryware industry one step at a time because we go to great lengths to make our products affordable, sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our sanitaryware products are specially designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern bathroom.

Black Series

TOYO Sanitarywares’ ‘Black Series’ consists of a unique collection of all-black closets, wash basins and urinals.

The products in this series will elevate your bathroom to a new level of boldness and elegance.

Black can add a more luxurious touch and is a great choice for those who want to experiment with colors other than white.

Italian Series

If you want your bathroom to have an ultra  modern Italian design, you will definitely want to check out our Italian series.

Every Italian bathroom design uses neutral colors, minimal patterns and conveys lightness and simplicity.

You can choose from our range of Italian closets and washbasins to introduce a fresh and modern look.

Water Closets

TOYO brings you a versatile collection of water closets which includes 4 different styles.

Our closets are ergonomic, easy to install and designed to complement the modern bathroom.

1. Smart Closets

Smart closets are becoming a very popular choice owing to their innovative features and automated task technology.

These closest have seats which open automatically without having to use your hands. Get ready to upgrade your bathroom with TOYO smart closets.

2. Floor Mounted Closets

Our collection of floor mounted closets consists of both European water closets and One Piece closets.

We have implemented the classic bowl and tank design where the bowl connects to the floor.

The sleek and modern design will give a contemporary look to your bathroom.

3. Wall Hung Closets

You can choose from more than 7 different styles in our versatile wall hung closet collection.

The minimalist design, compact structure and clean detailing makes it perfect for the modern bathroom.

A wall hung closet is also great for small bathrooms where you want to save space.

4. Orissa Pans

Orissa pans are preferred by many people owing to their traditional significance and unique health benefits.

TOYO offers an elegantly crafted collection of orissa pans in different styles.

The modern design helps you to seamlessly integrate this traditional toilet into a modern bathroom.

Wash Basins

TOYO’s versatile wash basin collection is one of the best ones in the market.

Our wash basins are functional, ergonomic and designed to be pleasing to the eye.

1. Pedestal Wash Basins

Pedestal wash basins are some of the most reliable and practical types of wash basins.

The simple and minimalistic design emphasizes the core function of the bathroom sink. They are great for small bathrooms since they are space savers.

2. Half-Pedestal Wash Basins

Half-pedestal wash basins, also known as semi-pedestal wash basins consist of a wall mounted basin which rests on a half-sized pedestal.

They have a contemporary and modern design which gives an impression of space and cleanliness.

With these types of wash basins, you get more floor space compared to traditional basins.

3. Counter / Table Top Wash Basins

As the name implies, counter/table top wash basins are placed above the countertop.

They are usually seen in contemporary bathrooms and have a great aesthetic appeal. You can fit them over any countertop and the installation procedure is super simple.

4. Semi Recessed / Under Counter Wash Basins

Semi recessed/under counter wash basins are installed under the countertop.

You will get a very seamless, clean look and the design also makes it convenient to clean your countertop.

They are also quite durable and long lasting since the basin is fixed on the countertop.

5. Wall Hung Wash Basins

Wall hung wash basins are perfect if you want to optimise your bathroom space as much as possible.

They are one of the most compact types of wash basins but they have a highly versatile design and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

6. Corner Wash Basins

Corner wash basins are a boon for very compact bathrooms.

You can install these wash basins in a corner of your bathroom and make them look functionally appealing.

7. Salon Wash Basins

TOYO’s wash basin collection has special salon wash basins for people who run a salon or are planning to build one.

They have a black glossy finish to cater to the salon aesthetic.


Urinals are designed for the sole purpose of urination.

TOYO’s urinals are designed to compliment the modern bathroom


Cisterns function as concealed flush tanks and hold water for flushing.

TOYO’s cistern collection includes concealed cisterns, exposed cisterns and accessories as well.

Marble Top

This classic and white marble top can be seamlessly integrated into any modern bathroom for an elegant and luxurious look.