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One Piece Closets

TOYO’s floor mounted closet collection includes a premium range of one piece closets.

The one piece closet is a very popular option among people today because of the numerous benefits it has. These are efficient and suitable for all kinds of bathrooms.

If you are looking for the best quality one piece closets, you have come to the right place. TOYO has earned its reputation in the market for its sanitaryware products.

What Is A One Piece Closet?

Every toilet has three basic components – the bowl, pedestal and tank, each with different functions.

The bowl is designed to hold water, catch waste and dispose of it. The pedestal secures the toilet bowl in place and elevates it. The tank holds water for refilling the bowl and flushing.

In a one piece closet, the tank and bowl are connected so it comes as a single unit. In traditional two piece toilets, the bowl and tank are separate entities.

Advantages of One Piece Closets

One piece closets are popular for a variety of reasons.

  • They tend to be more durable than other kinds of toilets. Since one piece closets are moulded into a single unit, there is less chance of breakage between the couplings and parts. You can easily make them last many years with proper care and maintenance.
  • One piece closets are way easier to clean and maintain since there is no joint or gap between the tank and the bowl. This gap can be difficult to access and clean since it can trap waste and grow bacteria and germs.
  • Yes, one piece closets are on the heavier side. But they have an easy installation process since you don’t have to spend your time connecting the tank and the bowl.
  • They have a sleek and elegant appearance which makes them suitable for modern or contemporary bathrooms.
  • You can incorporate a wide variety of flushing options and they are also available in low flow versions.


1. Rimless Flushing

Some one piece closets come with the rimless flushing feature – in such cases the toilet bowl doesn’t have a rim on the inside.

In this flush technique, the water is shot around the basin of the toilet which washes the toilet more efficiently since it doesn’t miss any spots.

These kinds of toilets offer many benefits over standard toilets with rims. They are more hygienic since there is no possibility for bacteria and germs to build up.

They also use water more efficiently which helps in water conservation.

2. Dual Flush

One piece closets are available in dual flush models which have two buttons to flush different amounts of water.

The low volume flush can be used to flush liquid waste and the high volume flush can be used to flush solid waste. 

This will help you lower the water usage in your home.

Installation of a One Piece Closet

  • The first step in installing a new closet is to remove the old wax ring. Scrape up all the old wax from the flange.
  • Fix the closet bolts into the slots in the flange. Use plastic retainer washers to hold the bolts in place.
  • If your floors extend above the toilet flange, use an extra thick wax ring.
  • Lift the closet up, center it over the flange. Position the wax ring on the toilet horn and press it down. 
  • Position the base of the closet on the flange and make sure you line up the bolts properly. Securing the one piece closet in place will require a team of two people. Have one person place the closet while the other one checks if the closet bolts are properly aligned with the holes.
  • Fix the washers and tighten the bolts but make sure you don’t over tighten them.
  • The next step is to install the flush mechanism if it is not already installed. 
  • Install the one piece toilet seat. First, fix the screw anchors in place and then insert the stems of the hinges into the holes in the toilet seat. Line the seat with the hinges and tighten the screws.

Should You Choose a One Piece Closet?

Consider the following factors before choosing a one piece closet.

1. Price

One piece closets tend to be more expensive than other kinds of closets. Shipping and transportation costs are also higher because they are heavier.

However many people invest in one piece closets because of their benefits. So if price is not a huge factor for you and you want to avail the advantages, go for one piece closets.

2. Maintenance

These closets are easier to clean and maintain than other kinds of closets because of the absence of a gap between the tank and the bowl where bacteria tend to breed.

If you like hassle free maintenance, feel free to invest in a one piece closet.

3. Appearance

One piece closets have a more streamlined and elegant appearance which is very suitable for contemporary bathrooms. 

If aesthetics are important to you, this is the obvious choice.