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Counter Top Wash Basins

The counter top wash basin is probably the most modern kind of wash basin which is becoming increasingly popular in today’s contemporary bathrooms.

As the name implies this wash basin sits on top of the counter instead of being constructed into it.

The available versatility in shapes, colors, materials and patterns allows you to seamlessly integrate this wash basin into any style of bathroom.

TOYO has an incredibly wide range of counter top wash basins and gives you endless styles and designs to choose from.

Advantages of Counter Top Wash Basins

Counter top wash basins have unique advantages when it comes to appearance and function.

  • You get multiple style options. They are available in different shapes and can be round, circular or triangular. You can even get them in different materials like glass, marble and copper. This availability of endless options makes it easy for you to find one which fits your style.
  • They have an easy installation procedure. Unlike wall mounted wash basins, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of mounting them. All you need is a counter top or vanity with a hole in it.
  • Since counter top wash basins have high sides, it prevents water from being spilled everywhere. Bending and straining is also reduced since these basins are placed at a comfortable height.
  • You can install this basin on any wash basin counter top material.
  • A counter top wash basin creates an attractive focal point for your bathroom. It is also a trendy style so if you are someone who likes staying up to date with the current trends, this wash basin is for you.
  • Although it is considered as a modern style of wash basin, you can easily find a more dated or timeless style if you want to go for a traditional look. 
  •  They give a very seamless, clean and elegant look since the entire wash basin is visible.
  • A table top wash basin can hold a lot of water because of its depth.

Types of Counter Top Wash Basins

1. Oval Counter Top Basins

Oval counter top basins are very popular since they look luxurious, modern, clean and minimalistic. 

They make a bold statement yet don’t overpower the rest of the bathroom. The absence of sharp edges makes them easy to clean.

2. Rectangular Counter Top Basins

Rectangular counter top basins are available in slimline options and you can find larger models as well. 

They look sleek and sharp which makes it a great addition to any modern bathroom space.

3. Circular Bowls

They are similar to oval shapes but tend to have lower sides and a wider base. 

Vessel basins can also come under this category and they are shaped like vessels or large bowls.

Apart from the above shapes you also have the option to customize your counter top basin according to the style you want to go for. You even get triangular or flower shaped basins.

4. Natural Stone Basins

Natural stone counter top wash basins are constructed from natural stones like limestone, granite and marble. 

The individual sediment markings on these basins reflect the characteristics of each stone and this makes it unique and pleasing to the eye.

5. Stone Resin Basins

Stone resin is also known as cast stone, mineral stone or composite stone. 

Counter top wash basins constructed from stone resin are very durable and long lasting. Their structure also makes them easy to clean.

They have a gorgeous look which sets them apart from other basins. You get to choose from a broad range of colours and styles.

6. Glass Basins

These basins are constructed from glass and are very eye-catching since they are completely transparent.

Installing A Counter Top Wash Basin

It isn’t super hard to install a counter top wash basin provided you are familiar with some basic plumbing techniques and skills.

Make sure you check the manufacturer’s label for any special mounting instructions. You can mount the wash basin on any wash basin counter as long as there are waste holes.

You get flexibility in the positioning of taps. Some basins will already have tap holes otherwise you can install a tap over the basin.

Should You Choose A Counter Top Wash Basin?

You can consider the following factors before choosing a counter top wash basin for your bathroom.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

If aesthetic appeal is very important to you, the table top basin is a great option.

Also, if you want your bathroom to look very modern and up to date, this kind of basin can help you do exactly that.

2. Space

Counter top wash basins can be used in both big and small bathroom spaces. 

For example, you can consider a square counter top basin for a small space and an oval basin for a large space.

3. Price

Counter top wash basins generally tend to be more expensive than other kinds of wash basins. Since there are many versatile styles you can expect to find different price ranges for different styles.

However these wash basins also tend to be very durable so your investment will be worth it.

4. Personal Preference

If you have always wanted to get a counter top wash basin for your bathroom, then this is the right time to give your bathroom a makeover!