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Floor Mounted Closets

The traditional floor mounted water closet is still very popular and commonly used in many bathrooms because of its practical design and ease of maintenance.

This kind of toilet is mounted or fixed to the floor where the plumbing and drainage lines run from underneath the floor and out through the ground into the toilet.

TOYO offers two categories of floor mounted closets – each one with numerous options to choose from.

Advantages Of Floor Mounted Toilets

Floor mounted toilets are preferred by people for a number of reasons,

  • They have an easy installation procedure which doesn’t have any complicated steps.
  • Since they are the conventional type of toilet and commonly used, you can easily find replacement parts if the original parts become faulty.
  • Maintaining and replacing the individual parts of a floor mounted commode are easy since they are visible and easily accessible.
  • Floor mounted toilets are affordable compared to other kinds of toilets. Maintenance is also not expensive.
  • They are reliable and stable since they are mounted directly on the floor.
  • Suitable for people who simply desire a practical and functional bathroom which is simple and easy to maintain.

Types Of Floor Mounted Closets

There are two types of floor mounted closets, 

  • One-piece commode – The one-piece commode is manufactured as a single commode in which the flush tank and toilet tank are fused together.
  • Two-piece commode – The two piece commode consists of separate bowl and tank parts.  

TOYO sanitarywares offers two categories of floor mounted closets – European Water Closets and One Piece Closets.

How To Install A Floor Mounted Toilet

  • After removing the old toilet, measure the rough-in dimension. The standard rough-in is 12 inches but toilets can also come in 10 inch or 14 inch rough-ins.
  • If the bolts which screwed the flange of the old toilet to the floor are in good condition, you can continue using them. If they look rusted, make sure to use new ones.
  • In order to replace your old flange, use a putty knife to scrape the old wax from the mounting flange. While installing the new one, make sure it sits above the floor because this is necessary to prevent leaks. 
  • If your old flange doesn’t have any cracks and is in a good condition you don’t need to replace it. You will only need to put a new wax ring. Secure the wax ring on the bottom of the toilet.
  • Make sure you maneuver the toilet carefully onto the flange without disturbing the wax gasket.
  • Seat the toilet bowl and press to make a watertight seal.
  • Attach the water supply line from the wall to the tank.
  • If the tank and bowl are not connected, mount the tank  to the bowl and mount the toilet seat.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the different parts of the toilet or regarding installation, make sure to get an experienced plumber to install the floor mounted commode for you.

TOYO Floor Mounted Closets

TOYO offers two categories of floor mounted closets and a total of 26 different models. You can choose any model depending upon your style preference and the features you want in your closet.


Some of the models have P-trap designs while the others have S-trap designs.

P-trap is the U-shaped portion of the pipe which helps trap and prevent the unwanted flow of sewer gases from entering buildings.

Although it is more common in wall mounted closets, many floor mounted ones also have P-traps.


Depending on the toilet configuration, toilets can also have an S-trap configuration.

They are usually found in toilets where the pipes are installed through the floor.

Since floor mounted toilets have pipes going through the floor, many models use this kind of trap.

European Water Closets

Our range of European water closets come with different models with different features and selection options.

  • You can go for an S-trap model or a P-trap model since both kinds are available.
  • A normal or hydraulic seat cover option is available for a few models. All our seat covers are of supreme quality since they are manufactured from high grade plastic. They won’t chip or crack easily.
  • There are wide and narrow seat options.

One Piece Closets

Our range of one piece closets come with different models which have modern and unique features.

  • Some of the one piece closets have a siphonic rimless flushing and a dual flush feature. A siphonic flush system forms a vacuum by displacing the air inside. This vacuum is used to pull waste from the bowl into the trapway.

This helps in achieving a cleaner toilet bowl and also helps conserve water. It is also less noisier than other flush systems.

  • The one piece closet models also have hydraulic seat covers.
  • You also have black colour options.