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Wall Hung Wash Basin

Wall hung basins are gaining considerable attention from new and potential homeowners because they are made for the modern bathroom.

These kinds of wash basins are directly mounted or hung on the wall without any support underneath. This is why they are called wall hung basins.

They are a very flexible choice since you can design and install them according to your individual preference.

TOYO’s line of wall hung wash basins will help you add a touch of elegance and luxury to your contemporary bathroom.

Advantages Of Wall Hung Wash Basins

Wall hung basins have numerous benefits which you should take advantage of.

  • They are the most flexible choice of wash basins. You can easily create your own design and make your wash basin a unique element which stands out from the others. The versatility in styling is what makes them so popular and in demand.
  • You can install a wall hung wash basin at any height according to your preference. This makes it super convenient for individuals who have difficulties bending or other related problems.
  • Wall hung wash basins are ideal for small bathrooms since they are space savers. They make your bathroom look more open since no space is taken up by a vanity and the floor underneath is left open and clear.
  • You get to choose the kind of storage options you want to have in your bathroom. For example, you can go for open shelving or storage recessed into the walls. A vanity might not be suitable for every bathroom especially for larger ones where space is limited. 
  • These wash basins are easy to clean and maintain since all the parts are more open and easily accessible. You don’t have to deal with bacteria or dirt build up in inaccessible nooks or corners.
  • You can utilize the space below the basin for anything you need. You can place a clothing basket, a stand to keep your towels and toiletries or anything else you want. The plumbing pipes most probably won’t be an issue since with wall hung basins, they are encased within the wall behind the basin. If your pipes do go through the floor, you can put a pedestal underneath the basin for a clean look.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and give an elegant, clean and sophisticated look. A well designed wall mounted basin will serve as an attractive focal point for your bathroom. 

Installation Of A Wall Hung Basin

  • The first step is to determine the height where the wash basin will be fixed in place. Usually bathroom basins are placed somewhere between 770mm and 870mm high. However you can choose any height depending upon your preference.
  • Measure the distance between the two fixing holes and the distance from the wash basin to the fixing holes.
  • Mark the centre of the basin. Make sure your lines are straight using a spirit level. Use the first measurement to find the height of your fixing holes.
  • Once you have properly marked, measured and positioned everything, you can drill your fixing wall holes using the appropriate drill bit.
  • Insert wall anchors into the fixing holes and make sure they are tight and secure. 
  • Position the basin and make sure it is level. Secure it on the wall anchors with washers, nuts and a flanged collar sleeve. Before tightening the nuts, double-check the basin to see whether it is level.
  • Seal the edges of your wash basin with silicone sealant.
  • Finish by connecting your water supply lines.

Should You Choose A Wall Hung Basin?

1. Size Of Bathroom

It is important to note the size of your bathroom before going for any kind of wash basin.

Is your bathroom on the bigger side or smaller side?

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, a wall hung wash basin would be an ideal choice since it would help minimise congestion and make it seem more open.

2. Purpose

What is the purpose of the bathroom?

People who use their bathroom simply to freshen up and use the toilet prefer it to look minimal and clean. 

If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to get this kind of basin.

3. Storage

Wash basins with vanities tend to come with inbuilt storage.

However if you like having flexible storage options like open shelving or your own storage designs, a wall hung basin would be an ideal partner.

4. Style

The great thing about wall hung basins is that they are available in various styles and can complement a variety of bathrooms. For example you can use them for,

  • Contemporary-style bathrooms
  • Transitional bathrooms
  • Traditional bathrooms
  • Modern bathrooms

Majority of the people who choose wall hung basins love how effortlessly clean and elegant they look. 

5. Installation

Another big advantage of wall hung basins is that they can be installed at any desired height. 

If this is an advantage you want to make use of, then go ahead.