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Half Pedestal Wash Basins

The semi pedestal wash basin is a simplified version of the full pedestal wash basin.

As the name implies, this kind of wash basin consists of a wall mounted basin which sits on a half-sized or semi pedestal instead of a full one.

Half pedestal wash basins are simple, functional and can be easily integrated into any modern bathroom. 

They can also be considered as a more minimalistic alternative to full pedestal wash basins.

Advantages Of Half Pedestal Wash Basins

Half Pedestal Wash Basins have several advantages,

  • They work great for smaller spaces and can help make your bathroom feel more open. You will gain additional bathroom floor space and even wall space since it is a semi-pedestal.
  • Requires less maintenance since they are easy to clean. They don’t gather dust as easily as other kinds of wash basins and all the parts are exposed and easily accessible. The bathroom floor is also open since it is a half pedestal.
  • You avoid countertop clutter which is very common in vanity wash basins. 
  • They are available in different shapes, designs and styles. 
  • Half pedestal wash basins complement all kinds of bathrooms whether they are traditional or modern.
  • They help conceal the ugly pipework and make the wash area look aesthetically appealing.
  • Pedestal wash basins have a durable construction so you won’t have to replace them for many years.

How To Install A Half Pedestal Wash Basin

  • Turn off the main water supply before installing the wash basin.
  • First mark the height and the position where the basin would sit on the wall. It is usually placed at a height of 34-36 inches. You should also mark the position of the pedestal.
  •  Start drilling the holes. Make sure there are no electrical wires, cables or water supply pipes in the position where you are drilling. You can use an electrical detector to detect hidden wires or cables.
  • Install the fixing bolts and secure the washer and nuts.
  • Relocate the basin and secure it to the wall.
  • Make sure you use appropriate fixings depending upon the type of your wall or wall construction. You should also never over tighten wall fixings.
  • Install the faucet after disassembling the faucet retaining nut. Add the drain pipe after attaching the speed connect drain control cable.
  • The next step is to attach the P-trap. The short side should be attached to the tailpiece which drops down from the sink drain. The trap arms should be inserted into the wall drain fitting.
  • Finally install the pedestal.

Note : Make sure you wear proper safety equipment during operations like drilling. Establish proper positions for the hot water, cold water supply and waste pipe outlets.

Wall mounted half pedestal wash basins should have wood blocking in the wall. This is necessary for a very solid and secure installation. You can use plywood or any other piece of solid wood.

Should You Go For A Half Pedestal Wash Basin?

You can decide if a half pedestal wash basin is the best choice for your bathroom depending upon the following factors.

Size of the bathroom

Since pedestal wash basins take up less space, they are considered as great options for smaller bathrooms. 

How big is your bathroom? How much space can you reserve for your wash basin? 

For spaces like powder rooms and half baths, a half pedestal wash basin would be the ideal choice.

Style preference

The best part about half pedestal wash basins is that they are available in versatile styles. You will most probably be able to find one which matches your aesthetic.

If you prefer simple and minimalist styles, then this kind of wash basin would be perfect for you.

Functional needs

This will depend on how functional you want your wash basin to be. Unless you install separate cabinets or shelves, these kinds of wash basins don’t provide any storage.

If you are fine with not having the extra storage space, then you can go for this. For example if you are planning to create a bathroom solely for the purpose of washing or freshening up, a half pedestal wash basin would suit the purpose very well.


One obvious advantage of these kinds of wash basins is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They don’t collect clutter like other wash basins and all the parts are exposed and easily accessible.

So if you want a wash basin which is low maintenance, you know what to choose.

Number of People

If multiple people are going to be using the bathroom at a time, you might need multiple wash basins.

If you live alone or your family is small, this kind of wash basin can be a sufficient and minimalist option.

TOYO sanitarywares offers different models of half pedestal wash basins including different colors. You can go for a single piece wash basin or choose the basin and pedestal separately.