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Wall Hung Closets

Wall hung closets are becoming more popular day by day due to their modern and minimalist design.

They are a great option for people who want their bathrooms to have cleaner lines and feel airier.

TOYO has a versatile range of wall hung closets so you can choose from the different options which are available to you.

Advantages of Wall Hung Closets

Wall hung closets are popular for a number of reasons.

  • They have a modern and minimalistic design which complements the majority of today’s bathrooms.
  • Height can be adjusted according to individual preferences. The ability to customize the position of your closet is a huge advantage.
  • Suitable for small bathrooms since they take up less space.
  • A comparatively better option for old or disabled people.
  • You get more floor space since the toilet is attached to the wall. Your bathroom will also have a more spacious and roomier look. Furthermore, the toilet tank is concealed in your wall.
  • Wall hung toilets are easier to clean since they don’t sit on the floor (like floor mounted closets).
  • Aesthetic and stylish appearance with clean details. This is good for people who want to make their bathroom a decorative and creative space.

How To Install A Wall Hung Toilet

  • First and foremost you need to finish the first fix plumbing fixtures which include the flush kits, cisterns and waste pipes. Turn off the main water supply before taking the old unit apart.
  • The second step consists of fitting solid grade laminate IPS panels. Fix a stainless steel frame with the help of M10 bolts. Arrange the vertical bars and horizontal bars on the frame and tighten them.
  • You will need to install a support frame to make sure the fixing of your wall hung toilet won’t loosen when a person sits on it.
  • Take the 2 fixing mounts and slide them onto the sides of the cistern. Place the cistern on the frame and secure it.
  • Next you need to mark the position of the wall mounted closet on the wall. The bowl placement and other measurements can differ depending upon the individual’s height preferences.
  • Make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines before fixing your closet so you will know the right way to do it.
  • The IPS frames and panels should be installed properly for a strong fixing.
  • You should also fix your waste, mains feed and flush control.
  • Your wall hung toilet is now ready to use.

TOYO Wall Hung Closets

TOYO sanitaryware offers different models of wall hung closets, each with different features and designs. You can easily find the perfect fit for your bathroom due to the availability of versatile options.


Every wall mounted closet comes with an inbuilt P-trap.

A P-trap pipe is designed to outlet through the wall so every wall mounted commode needs to be fitted with one.

The main function of the P-trap is to determine the level of water in the toilet bowl and prevent sewer gases from entering your home.

After flushing, while the toilet tank starts filling up, a small stream of water is diverted into the toilet bowl and the excess water runs out of the back of the trap.

Hydraulic Seat Cover

All our closets also come with a hydraulic seat cover.

Every closet needs a good quality hydraulic seat cover which is convenient to operate and comfortable for the user.

All the hydraulic seat covers in our closets are manufactured from high grade plastic which does not crack easily. 

You can be assured of their durability and quality.

Inbuilt Jet

Some of the TOYO wall hung closet models come with an inbuilt jet which is very easy to use and useful for cleaning intimate parts of your body.

Rimless Flushing

TOYO’s wall hung commode collection also includes rimless closets with two hole rimless flushing.

Rimless toilets don’t have rims which the traditional toilets have.

In traditional toilets, the rim around the inner pan can collect germs and waste due to water distributing from underneath the toilet. Whereas in rimless toilets, the direct flush technique distributes water around the edge of the smooth pan.

They have many advantages,

  • Cleaning is made easier because of the absence of a traditional rim. It can be tricky to clean the rim of a traditional toilet and requires way more effort and time.
  • Rimless toilets are considered to be more hygienic since rims can serve as a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and other dirt.
  • The direct flushing system employed in rimless toilets makes each flush more efficient and less wasteful. Thus rimless toilets help in conserving water which is otherwise wasted in the traditional flushing system.

If you are hunting for the perfect wall commode for your bathroom, you won’t fail to find one in our versatile collection.