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Corner Wash Basins

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Corner basins are unique kinds of basins since they are specially designed to fit right angle corners.

They give the bathroom a different and unique look which you don’t tend to find in the majority of the bathroom spaces. Their edgy design draws attention and makes the wash basin stand out in the space.

These basins are some of the most affordable and practical kinds. They also take up a minimum amount of space which is a major advantage.

TOYO’s basin line includes some of the best quality corner wash basins.

Advantages Of Corner Wash Basins

These kinds of basins have several advantages.

  • Corner wash basins are a lifesaver for people who have very small bathrooms where the only available space is in the corner of the room. If you want a small wash basin, a corner basin would be an ideal choice. They are also great in cloakrooms or powder rooms for freshening up.
  • They have a unique and different design which can make your bathroom stand out from the others. This will help create a unique focal point in your space which doesn’t overpower the rest of the elements.
  • These basins are available in various shapes and designs. Many people tend to think they don’t have versatile designs since they are made to fit corners, but this is not true.
  • They make the room look more extensive and open. Since they aren’t bulky or stand out conspicuously, they can give the bathroom a more uniform and streamlined appearance.
  • These basins are affordable options for homeowners who are on a budget.
  • You can fit separate storage areas underneath the basin if you want.
  • Secure and reliable, since they are fixed on two walls.

Different Kinds Of Corner Wash Basins

1. Tulip

Tulip’ style wash basins are some of the most common kinds of corner wash basins.

They are usually mounted on a pedestal which helps in hiding the plumbing pipes. Due to the presence of a pedestal, installing a separate storage space underneath the basin is not an option.

These basins are simple, neat, elegant and practical.

2. Suspended

Suspended corner basins are incredibly compact and help save a ton of space. 

They have a minimalist design which looks elegant.

Their installation procedure is simple.

3. Recessed

These basins are built into a cabinet which is then fixed to the two corners. They are less common, but still used in many homes.

This model takes up more space compared to the other two. However they have a storage option.

Materials Used For Corner Wash Basins

1. Ceramic

Ceramic is the most common and popular material used for manufacturing corner wash basins.

It is an eco-friendly material which is easy to clean and maintain. Its attractive appearance, resistance to stains, rust and affordability make them a popular choice among homeowners. 

The wash basins constructed from ceramic are reliable and durable.

2. Glass

Glass corner basins are not extremely common, but they are still favoured by some people because of their stunning appearance.

Their sleek and modern style goes very well with modern and contemporary bathrooms.

They are available in different shades and designs. You can even find ones with different values of transparency – opaque and translucent basins.

These kinds of basins are easy to clean and also have a simple installation procedure.

3. Metal

Metals like stainless steel are often used for manufacturing corner wash basins. 

They look very timeless and can be often seen in professional and industrial workplaces.

These kinds of basins are some of the easiest to clean since build-up and debris are much easier to remove compared to other kinds of basins.

Their affordability is also another big advantage.

4. Stone

Stone corner wash basins are highly versatile and can be found in different shapes, textures, colours and patterns.

They can come in various materials like granite, marble and limestone. 

These basins have a highly resistant surface which is difficult to scratch or crack. They also bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

Should You Choose A Corner Wash Basin?

1. Size of the bathroom

If you have a small bathroom where there isn’t sufficient space for a vanity or counter top basin, you can always go for a corner basin.

It will help make your bathroom look more open and less congested.

Some people who require only a single faucet instead of two tend to opt for these kinds of basins.

2. Storage

If you want to plan out separate storage areas, corner wash basins will help you do that since they don’t come with inbuilt storage.

With some versions of corner wash basins, you can install storage areas underneath the wash basin.

3. Appearance

A corner wash basin can give your bathroom a neat, uniform and streamlined appearance. 

It helps tie all the elements of the bathroom together. It won’t draw unnecessary attention but still helps in elevating the space.